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Real time location-based tracking and temperature monitoring

Efficiency improvements for livestock, manufacturing and healthcare.

Moniott is the new standard in real time location-based tracking and temperature monitoring. Affordable bluetooth-based end to end solution for livestock, manufacturing industry, healthcare & logistics.

Big savings, happy staff!

What we do

Moniott provides:

  • Less searching for machines, tools, parts, 

  • semi-finished products & raw materials 

  • Higher efficiency in production and logistics by using location data of mobile assets

Which leads to:

  • Happy staff. Retain and recruit staff more easily

  • Savings on mobile asset purchases by buying only what you really need


With Moniott, medical personnel spend less of their working time searching for equipment, thus increases their efficiency and productivity

How do we do it?

Using existing infrastructure, Moniott provides organisations with real-time, cost-effective visibility of their assets. Indoors, on-site and on the go. Through a complete end-to-end solution; Bluetooth transmitters, receivers, SAAS platform, app.

Latest news

Marc van der Meent.jpg

​​Moniott is a Marc van de Meent company.

Marc is a specialist in bringing advanced, disruptive new ideas and concepts to the market with IoT-related technologies, resulting in major savings and process optimization.

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