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Challenges in Healthcare:

  • How to recruit and retain staff?

  • Staff has to focus on core tasks

  • Medical staff are looking for equipment.

  • Hospitals buy 10% to 20% more mobile equipment than they probably need.

  • How to prevent loss and theft of equipment?

  • How to Calculate Asset Utilization?

  • How to reduce maintenance costs / increase efficiency?

Solution: Using existing infrastructure, Moniott gives healthcare Now in use in > 23 healthcare institutions organizations remote visibility into their assets in real time in no time.

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Detailed description

Tracking expensive or shared equipment, such as ICU ventilators, hospital bedsand intravenous pumps, can save time and money, and prevent equipment from becoming accidentally lost or theft. 


Hospitals are often large institutions, and personnel often find it difficult to locate portable equipment when it is required. 

As portable equipment is difficult to locate when needed, they sometimes “hide” (or “hoard”) it, so that they may f ind it when required; this practice increases  the problem. 


Estimates indicate that hospitals will purchase 10% to 20% more portable equipment than actually required for operational needs, so that staff may f ind it when needed.


A typical 500-bed hospital has an average potential to track and trace 5.000 assets such as blood pressure monitors, refrigerator temperature monitors, and patches for recording heart beats.

Moniott integrates many of these devices, providing a single solution to ensure tracking and monitoring becomes easier. It leads to process optimization (i.e. maintenance, workflow, patient flow).

On average assets cost EUR 4.000. Based on 10% less purchase this leads to initial capital  savings of EUR 2.000.000. 

The initial investment in Moniott is EUR 50.000, and the annual fee is  EUR 70.000. 

The final savings after 5 years will  be EUR 1.650.000 (over 400% Return On Investment) with immediate payback time. 

Lower capital expenditure will also result in a reduction in the cost of depreciation (where  applicable), and fewer assets will translate into  a proportionate reduction in storage and maintenance needs and costs. 

Furthermore, with Moniott, medical personnel spend less of their working time searching for equipment, thus increases their efficiency and productivity, as well as their (and patients’) satisfaction. So in the end it means big savings and happy staff.

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