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Mother Cow


BoviLab is designed to reduce potential harm to the health of dairy cattle during the transition phase. It provides near real-time measurement of essential blood values, accompanied by actionable guidance.

BoviLab enables the measurement of six crucial blood values in dairy cattle, including NEFA/ketosis and hypocalcemia (calcium deficiency).

BoviLab delivers results within just 7 minutes and can be conveniently used on-site at the dairy farm.


BoviLab increases efficiency, enhances animal welfare, and offers valuable management advice through effective transition monitoring.

This revolutionary tool provides a user-friendly interface and offers actionable insights to empower the end user.

BoviLab Stappen Bloedanalyse Koe.png

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Our “BoviLab” On-Farm Blood Testing System uses a tiny amount of whole blood and provides results in as little as 7 minutes. With the capability of measuring six types of inspection items at once, you will have more confidence in conventional diagnostics. BoviLab can be used by anyone, anytime, and anywhere can perform an easy analysis. As a result, early detection/action becomes possible, improving cattle’s health and maintaining breeding power.

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